NPK Recovery

Turning urine into fertiliser

Nutrient recovery from urine

At NPK Recovery, we see waste differently. We convert human urine into fertiliser. Our vision is to scale a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilisers using this abundant waste source.

In the UK, our agricultural industry consumes 2.4 million tonnes of fertiliser every year to grow our food. Fertiliser contains nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) - elements also present in urine.

A nutrient rich ​alternative


We collect urine at source, and convert it into ​a safe, and usable liquid fertiliser.

Working with a range of partners, we’ll host ​manufacturing units in regional hubs to ​reduce our environmental footprint

Tractor working spreading fertiliser


Our work is co-funded by Innovate UK, Defra and the Carbon Co-op Innovation Fund. We’ve partnered with the following organisations to help achieve our vision.

Validating fertiliser performance.

Bringing farmers’ along with our journey.

Sourcing urine ​from large events

Advising on sustainability and environmental performance

Scaling our ​innovations.

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Get in touch to discuss our project or work with us to test and validate this vital alternative fertiliser.

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